Hoping my compulsion might benefit someone

I write.  I don’t try to.  I just do.  This compulsion began in 1990, my freshmen year in college.  My high school English teacher claimed my hieroglyphic handwriting drove her to need a new glasses prescription. So pre-email I typed, then printed letters to friends and family. These letters regularly grew so long I had to mail them in big manila envelopes plastered with stamps.  My friends read them in stages over several days.  Today I still write constantly: emails, online posts, and text messages so long I annoy my friends.

Several factors drive this. First, I think best by extroverting. I can ruminate privately for days on a topic and make some progress. But when I express my thoughts I work them through much faster, with better results. My voice doesn’t just express my thoughts; it helps create them.

Second, often I write to solve problems and answer questions, whether mine or someone else’s. I can spend hours typing an extensive response to a single issue for a single person. If publish these, I might multiply the impact of my efforts. I truly hope what I publish will help someone, somewhere.

Please feel free to comment. I don’t merely want to express my thoughts. I’d love to know yours, too.

– John C.


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